WIS.WATCH allows contactless transactions highly secured with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency payments. Tah WIS.WATCH is provided with a WISeCoin Wallet Companion App.

  • Access to the WISeCoin Wallet
  • Embedded Near Field Communication ("NFC" Technology")
  • Fingerprint, face recognition, dot pattern and password options
  • Enabling to trade bitcoin or other crypto currencies across different multiple wallets
  • Easy to use, encrypted device storage for all your digital assets like Contacts Documents Medias
  • 1 Terabyte of swiss ultra-secure storage for 12 months

WISeWallet App

The WISeWallet App is compatible with most of the existing blockchain technologies and works as part of payment system using WISeKey Blockchain-as-a-Service ("BaaS") technology offerings.

To empower a seamless cryptocurrency enable economy, WISeCoin is supplemented with additional highly secured WISeWallet solutions (biometrics enabled variants also available). integrated exchange platforms, NFC-based contactless paymen solutions, etc.

WISeKey's objective is for WISeCoin to become an emerging powerhouse in the global crytocurrency market by supporting the development of economies build on Blockchain technology.